Aquamarine, Feldspar and Schorl Tourmaline crystal

Natural Aquamarine, Feldspar and Schorl Tourmaline crystal...

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Natural Aquamarine, Feldspar and Schorl Tourmaline crystal. This piece is from our personal crystal collection and has been photographed by acclaimed artist Derek Henderson for our collaboration series titled 'Crystalline.'

This crystal was sourced from Erongo Mountains, Namibia.

Aquamarine can encourage spiritual growth, boost the capability of reading the future, increase honesty and success factors and bring cheerfulness. It is also believed to purify the mind and offer solutions to problems that have not been overcome. Aquamarine is for those who are in love or who have dreams of love. It has an aura of love that brings optimism. It assists in relieving depression and sadness, reviving romance, and helping to gain new friendships. It can also help to purify and take away communication obstacles.
60mm x 70mm x 60mm

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