'The Spirit' by Derek Henderson

Extra-large 1500mm x 1200mm Stilbite and Apophyllite..

$1,250 USD

Extra-large 1500mm x 1200mm Stilbite and Apophyllite crystal photographic print. Edition of 10. Renowned fine art photographer Derek Henderson has photographed Maniamania's coveted crystal collection, to create 'Crystalline', a series of artful still life portraits capturing the unique qualities and raw natural beauty of the crystal, all shot on a large format film camera with 4 x 5 colour film.

With an interest in capturing the metaphysical energies and unique characteristics and personality of each individual stone, Maniamania and Derek wish to capture crystals in a way they have not been captured before; with new light and vision.

Sale proceeds of 'Crystalline' will go towards the Montessori Indigenous Children’s Trust, serving children and families in remote indigenous Australian communities.

Stilbite is a powerful mineral which helps with psychic knowing and intuition. It is also used for psychic direction and guidance from guides, guardian angels, and totem animals. Stilbite is also a powerful stone of creativity that enhances creative energy.

Apophyllite creates a conscious connection between the physical an the spiritual. During astral travel it keeps a strong connection with the physical body, allowing information to be transmitted from the spiritual plane to the physical. This spiritual stone enhances clear sight, stimulating intuition and enabling the future to be accessed. Apophyllite promotes introspection into your own behaviour, and the correction of imbalances or flaws that are perceived. It abandons pretence and breaks down reserve. This is the stone of truth, bringing recognition of your true self and allowing that to be shown to the world.
1500mm x 1200mm

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